About Us

Established in 1998, EVAROM Food Additives is among the leading institutions of the sector with its successful past and acts with the vision of being a regional leader in its field.
EVAROM continues its steady growth with its product range focusing on mixtures of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and functional food ingredients. Our company also responds to the changing demands of customers with new project products in addition to the areas it serves, and increases its investments in the food additives sector.
Behind EVAROM's success is a corporate approach that focuses on customer needs and strives to offer flexible solutions. EVAROM aims to increase its brand value not only within the borders of Turkey but also on an international scale. With our corporate identity based on customer satisfaction and trust, we continue to work with a result-oriented approach in order to adapt to global developments and to fulfill the wishes of our customers.

Your wishes are our priority.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to diversify and develop our services that add value to our society and to contribute to our national sustainable development goals.

Our vision is to be known as the most reliable company in what we do.

Our Quality and Food Safety Policy

To be an innovative, reliable brand in the production, sales - distribution sector, with no doubt about its service quality in product quality, marketing and distribution; To continue our activities as an organization that follows and implements sectoral developments, respects its employees, customers, suppliers, laws and the environment, is reliable and does not compromise on quality, in order to maintain internal and external customer satisfaction.

Our basic principles in order to achieve this goal and ensure its continuity;


To periodically question the demands of our customers, to make the necessary service / product differentiations and to act by taking into account all the positive and negative customer feedbacks in order to produce solutions that meet their expectations,

To increase the satisfaction and corporate loyalty of our employees by employing the most suitable people for the relevant task in all units of our organization, regardless of language, religion, race, gender, disability,

To allow our employees to develop themselves and to increase their competencies with training activities planned in line with their needs,

To follow purchasing policies that support the development and continuity of our cooperation with our suppliers,

Using an effective communication and information sharing system between all our units, ensuring the right information flow and presenting the right information to all concerned, at the right time and in the right way,

To present our products in new modern packages that will allow our consumers to consume them in the easiest, healthiest, safest and most delicious way,

We have determined as our basic principles to bring together and increase the satisfaction of our customers, employees and suppliers at a common point and to continuously improve our system.

Human Resources

EVAROM draws its strength from working with reliable, innovative people who have internalized the importance of working in harmony. The most important element that makes a difference in the globalizing competitive world and gives companies their original values ​​is their employees.
Considering this, we aim to select talented employees with the right methods, to create a happy working environment with our strong employees and brand value, and to develop our corporate structure, where loyalty and continuity are essential.
What gives our institution its real value is, above all, our workers who work and sweat to create value.