For the fortification of powdered beverages, carbonated and still beverages, energy drinks and other soft drinks.

Milk and milk products

Enrichment of milk and dairy products.

Chocolate and Confectionery

Hard – Soft candy, chewing gum, chocolate, etc. in the enrichment of products.

Flour and Bakery Products

In the enrichment of flour and bakery products.


For the enrichment of biscuit, cake and snack products.


Pasta in noddle enrichment.

Food Supplements

For the enrichment of syrup, capsule and tablet food supplements.

Health Concepts

Premixes in various concepts can be prepared for the enrichment of all food and food supplements.


In the fortification of oils and fats, as an antioxidant in oils and fats.

Meat and Meat Products

In the enrichment of meat and meat products, as an antioxidant in meat and meat products.